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The Culture Journal is scanning the “cultural landscape” & the “creative industries” with its large variety of organisations, projects and initiatives. It will bring you selected information from the field. With its monthly newsletter, you will receive relevant & valuable insights, observations, summaries and reflections around Europe & Culture. 

“Culture & Europe”

The Culture Journal is published by Wigbert Boell  and has been a long time in the making. Latest during the  European Cultural Heritage Summit  in Berlin in 2018, it became quite clear, that even the best-informed people in our wide and scattered “industry” are struggling to stay informed with everything happening in the cultural & creative sector (CCI) on this beautiful continent. With information overload, it becomes even more important to receive curated information of value and have meaningful pre-selections from trusted sources. So, this is then, what the Culture Journal Newsletter strives to be:

a trustworthy information hub with selected stories, notes, reflections & more. 

The Value of Culture

Still mostly underrated - even by stakeholders in the field - is the true value of culture in our societies and overall Europe. There is the very real contribution to the GDP and the employment numbers; yet, culture is more: its multifaceted contributions are at the heart of our communities - from “how we live” (design & architecture) to “how we see the world” - there is a large range of personal importance for Europe´s citizens for much of their local cultural infrastructure (including theatres, museums, music halls…), their traditions, their cultural heritage or their cultural self-definitions. Culture is "system-relevant" and the forced time-out of the corona pandemic only increased our craving for the “beyond” of day-to-day life.

A driver for change 

Culture is at the heart of the changes in society. With the “New European Bauhaus” (see: Culture Journal #1) creative ideas and concepts may decisively determine the discussion about the transformation of our cities in the next decade. The merciless factuality of climate change has already had much an influence on all levels of society; as much as the digital transformation and increased diversity through global migration. 

So what are the areas of focus of the Culture Journal? 

👉🏼 Culture in Europe 🇪🇺

  • the value of culture 

  • cultural policies 

  • cultural funding

  • cultural heritage 

  • the "3 main current challenges for culture" (WB.)

    1. culture & digital transformation 

    2. culture & sustainability (the “greening” of culture )

    3. culture & diversity 

  • culture for understanding & peace // intercultural exchanges

  • culture at the heart of Europe 

  • culture & tourism // capitals of culture

Maybe you were just reminded of how wide our field really is…

So, let me assure you, the Culture Journal will not just add to an information overload - on the contrary, the goal is to streamline, select, dissect, curate information for You. My concept only works, when this can add value to my readers - so join CJ´s readership now and don´t miss any of the future issues. 

How often is the Culture Journal published / what are the future plans? 

Well, we start slowly with a newsletter once a month, which will be published once to twice a month (at the moment on Sundays). There are of course “bigger plans” in various notebooks - but first the newsletter shall really become a cultural news source of choice.

And yes, I may add a paid subscription / membership plan - when the time is right and when I can offer some real benefits (services, products, previews…) for it - and (never forget) because: this is one important way of how "creative content makers” earn (part of) their living in this 3rd decade of the new millennium. 


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Carl Blechen: “Palmenhaus” (1832)

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